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                README FILE for "ATMOS," a Simple Stellar Envelope Code
         "Stellar Interiors," 2nd ed., by Hansen, Kawaler, & Trimble
ATMOS is a Windows based PC code that generates model gray atmospheres for
use in stellar evolution codes. It was written and copyrighted by Andy Odell
(Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Tasmania, Hobart,
Tasmania, Australia) and  Dean Pesnell (Nomad Research Inc., Arnold, MD, USA),
whom we thank for letting us include the code on our CD-ROM. The code includes
MLT convection.
        How to use the code, and remember, it is supplied only in
executable form for Windows based PCs: Click on, or otherwise activate
ATMOS.BAT . You will be asked for
                Stellar mass in solar units
                Log base 10 of luminosity in solar units
                Log base 10 of Teff
                Mixing length parameter (i.e., choose a fraction of the
                        pressure scale height to be used in the MLT). A
                        number around unity is preferred

        The output is graphical and consists of a series of plots of:
                Temperature and density as a function of radius
                Ionization fractions of hydrogen and helium as a function of
                Opacity as a function of radius
                The three "dels," del, delad, delrad as a function of radius
        To go from one plot to the next, press return.
Note that you can ask to see a small protion of the plots by typing in the
radius you wish to see down to after answering y when asked if you want to see
a small part of the plot. To terminate the program, type in n in answer to the
question "Do you want to see a small part of the plot."
        If you have questions regarding the code you might try contacting
one of the code's authors at  EVOLUTION@NOMADRESEARCH.COM . There is also
that has other material, such as a
sequence of plots of velocity fields for non-radial pulsations.