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Reading the Oplist

Each line in the operations list represents an action that was taken in response to keystroke commands. Since marking operations can be done in any order, so long as they are contiguous Qed can (and does) group them together to minimize space. If, for example, you mark a set of 10 consecutive data points with 'g', Qed will compact them into a single line in the oplist, just as if you had used the range operation. Unmarking one in the middle of the group will then require two operations lines, and Qed takes care of that without complaint. If you mark (or unmark) data points after you have done some other recorded operations, Qed will compact them, but only within this second group of marking operations, so playback will reflect just what you did from the keyboard.

Typical entries in operations lines look like this:
Bufs Start Span [parm] Op Action
1 123 2 g mark buffer 1 data points 123 and 124 as garbage
1 8016 s mark buffer 1 points 801-806 as sky
2 802 4 s mark buffer 2 points 802-805 as sky
1 1 1738 15 D apply 15 ns deadtime correction to buffer 1
1,3 1 1738 t transfer buffer 1 sky points to buffer 3
3 1 1738 p prepare buffer 3 data for subtraction
1,3 1 1738 $ subtract buffer 3 from buffer 1

Here is all the stuff you may find in the oplist:
Keystroke Op Action
g g Mark data point(s) as garbage
| | Mark data point(s) as garbage and indicate before and after be
written as separate output files
s s Mark data point(s) as sky
SPACE ^ Unmark data point(s)
d or D D Apply [parm] ns deadtime correction
t or T t,T Transfer sky data
p or P p,P Prepare sky buffer for subtraction
Alt-S or S $,S Subtract sky buffer from data buffer
e or E e,E Apply [parm] as extinction correction
f f Fit a [parm] order polynomial and divide by it
- - Subtract [parm] or data buffer
+ + Add [parm] or data buffer
* * Multiply by [parm] or by data buffer
/ / Divide by [parm] or by data buffer
b b Bridge data gaps using average of [parm] points as anchors
~ ~ Smooth using a [parm]-point running boxcar average
Alt-X x Exchange the two visible light curves
Alt-C @ Copy data from the other visible curve into cursored curve
w or W w,W Write data to disk
Ctrl-W > Write oplist to disk
Ctrl-P ! Poke [parm] to replace cursored data point(s)

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