Calvin J. Hamilton

Calvin J. Hamilton received his bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering from Brigham Young University. He graduated in 1988, and since that time has pursued his interest of image processing. He has been involved in developing algorithms and software used for pattern recognition, wavelet compression, medical imaging, gravity wave imaging, and image enhancement. Hamilton's image processing expertise combined with his interest in astronomy led to the creation of Views of the Solar System.

In 1993, Hamilton became intrigued with astronomy and images of the solar system. At that time he found that the Internet lacked quality images and information on astronomical bodies. In his research, he found many beautiful pictures in printed publications, that were not on the Internet. He determined to make some of these and other high quality photographs of the planets and satellites available to the public.

Hamilton obtained raw NASA spacecraft image data which requires a certain amount of image processing before it is presentable. He began processing the spacecraft images and placed the results on the Internet. He did considerable original processing of imagery from Venus, Mars, the outer planets, and the Solar System's numerous satellites. As his images grew in number, he added statistical, geological, and descriptive information to go along with each body in the solar system. Little by little Views of the Solar System began to be built.

Calvin J. Hamilton is currently residing in Maryland with his wife, Rosanna, and their two children, Jason Lee, and Katie Joan.


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