addstar - Add stars to an image using the computed psf
   allstar - Group and fit psf to multiple stars simultaneously
centerpars - Edit the centering algorithm parameters
   daoedit - Review/edit algorithm parameters interactively
   daofind - Find stars in an image using the DAO algorithm
   daopars - Edit the daophot algorithms parameter set
   daotest - Run basic tests on the daophot package tasks
  datapars - Edit the image data dependent parameters
  findpars - Edit the star detection parameters
fitskypars - Edit the sky fitting algorithm parameters
     group - Group stars based on position and signal/noise
     nstar - Fit the psf to predefined groups of stars
      peak - Fit the psf to single stars
      phot - Compute skies and initial magnitudes for a star list
  photpars - Edit the aperture photometry parameters
       psf - Compute the point spread function
    seepsf - Compute an image from the point spread function
 setimpars - Save/restore parameter sets for a particular image
   substar - Subtract the fitted stars from the original image
     pcalc - Do arithmetic operations on list of daophot databases
   pconcat - Concatenate a list of daophot databases
  pconvert - Convert a text database to a tables database
     pdump - Print selected fields from daophot databases
   pfmerge - Merge a list of photometry databases
 pstselect - Select candidate psf stars based on proximity
 grpselect - Select groups from a daophot database
  pexamine - Interactively examine and edit a daophot database
 prenumber - Renumber stars in a daophot database
   pselect - Select records from a daophot database
     psort - Sort a daophot database
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